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Personal | Jersey Shore

We went to the beach the other evening after dinner, because I needed to check it out for an upcoming session. I wasn't really planning to shoot much, just get an idea of the light and layout. As I was looking through the images later, I kind of fell in love with them. I kind of immediately sent half of them off to the printer even, because when an image makes you feel something, you save it, and back it up, and print it in like three different sizes for safe keeping and display.

We lived in Cape May in 2009. The twins were six years old and I became pregnant with Anna. We were here less than a year, but we love this place. It's where both of our Coast Guard careers started, it's where we struggled together and as parents. It's where we grew, literally and figuratively. Being back here I feel at peace. I love watching my babies run around these beaches. I love that whenever we come back here, it feels like home.

I was sharing a few of these on social media, trying not to bombard people with photos of my kids [any more than I already do], and my beautiful friend Nicolette said she wishes she could see them all. I only need one person to say "show me more" and I'm in. So here's our post dinner romp at Cape May Point.

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