About - Peach and Port

Born in South Carolina, Jessica found her way to New Jersey by way of Texas, Hawaii, Illinois and New England thanks to her job as a Navigation Specialist and Coxswain in the United States Coast Guard. Jessica joined the USCG in 2000 and after completing her service in 2004, she went on to attend Benedictine University in pursuit of a Political Science degree. During her time in college, Jessica found her voice as a lifestyle blogger where her love of storytelling photography truly grew. As her blog following increased and advertisers began reaching out, Jessica realized that she needed to focus on improving her photography skills. Soon her blog focused solely on her imagery, leading to the Walt Disney Company listing her as one of the Top 20 Photography Bloggers of 2012. Jessica now calls Cape Cay, NJ home with her four daughters. Her work includes editorial, food, landscape, architecture, portrait and product photography. She has a deep love and passion for photographing children on the autism spectrum as she has a daughter with high functioning autism. In her free time she and her girls love to travel, cook together and enjoy their quaint beach town.

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