Opening day at Beach Plum Farm | West Cape May, NJ

Beach Plum Farm is a 62 acre working farm in West Cape May, NJ. It’s about 4 miles from our home, and one of the more charming corners of Cape May County. We had a busy week and Margo was getting her booster shots later in the afternoon, so I kept the two little ones from school and we enjoyed opening day at the farm instead. The market has the cutest kid’s corner, and while I don’t love dropping $$ on more stuffed toys, they were impossible to pass up. In fact, we’re going back for more. It was adorable seeing Anna cuddle the spotted piglet only to meet the real thing a few minutes later in the field. The kitchen serves breakfast and lunch with ingredients sourced from the farm, and can I tell you, Anna has never ordered and devoured cooked carrots at a restaurant before. Never. We shopped a bit, had lunch, fed the chickens, said hello to the pigs, swung on the tree swing, and when we got in the car Anna said “we had a real adventure today”. And so continues our love affair with all things Cape May.