U.S. Coast Guard Graduation | Cape May, NJ

Last week I was hired by an active duty member of the Air Force to photograph his wife’s Coast Guard graduation. It’s a gig I don’t always accept, but this one felt right. They’re stationed in Hawaii where I was sent after graduating from bootcamp. I always get a little nervous going back to the Training Center. So much of my history is wrapped up in the Coast Guard. Right under the surface is the ever present fear…am I going to get emotional? And the answer is yes, I will get emotional, the same way I do when I see a recruit walking around town or a new graduate at a local restaurant with their family. It feels like going home, like celebrating my family, like honoring the people who helped shape me and who, for better or worse, had the biggest impact on mine and my family’s life for the past 17 years. I’m honored to have had the opportunity to document this couple’s induction into Coast Guard life. They have a great adventure ahead and I’m so excited for them.